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A businessman is browsing Privy's pricing solutions | Privy AU A businessman is browsing Privy's pricing solutions | Privy AU

Privy Personal

A powerful digital signature solution perfect for individuals and sole traders.



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Core features include:

  • Upload, send, receive and sign unlimited documents
  • Verified, secure and legally-binding eSignatures
  • Easily manage all your documents in one place
  • Protected with one-time password (OTP) verification
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Privy Business Suite

A centralised platform for signing, managing and storing unlimited documents.

A$30/month per user

Billed annually Save 15%

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Get all the features of Privy Personal, plus…

  • Detailed eSign audit trail for peace of mind
  • Enterprise features such as document categorisation, signee groups and role-based access control (RBAC)
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Privy API Suite

Integrates into your platform to seamlessly manage identification and verification workflows.

Usage based pricing

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  • Users sign and verify agreements without leaving your app or website
  • Integrate custom ID verification into your existing processes
  • Fully white label with your branding for consistent user experience
  • Pay only for what you need and save with usage-based pricing
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eSign Features

Privy Personal


Privy Business

A$30/m p/u

Privy API suite

Usage based

Receive, sign, and send documents with OTP

Securely receive, sign, and send documents using a one-time password (OTP) for enhanced authentication and protection.



Usage based

eSign OTP

Sign documents using a One Time Password (OTP) for added security and verification.

Email OTP only

Document Tracking

View receipts, and track when the document was viewed, signed or rejected.

Built for personal use

Audit Trail

Legally binding audit trail for all of your documents

Sign with note

Add personalized notes or comments while signing documents to provide additional context or instructions.


QR Code

View the real-time audit trail by scanning the QR code


Add Recipients By Group

Assemble user groups for easy document signing


Bulk Sign (Group signing)

Sign multiple documents or allow group signing for efficient and simultaneous authorization.



Implement multi-factor authentication, including OTP

Verification (OCR, Liveness, face match, IDV)

Implement biometric verification methods like OCR, liveness detection, face matching, and IDV for enhanced security.

External Database Checks (DVS, AML, KYC, etc.)

Conduct thorough checks against external databases to validate information and comply with regulations such as DVS (Document Verification Service), AML (Anti-Money Laundering), and KYC (Know Your Customer).

Document Management

Single Platform Management

Manage all your documents in one platform, ensuring easy access, organisation, and secure storage.


Document Download

Download individual documents with ease for offline access or archival purposes.


Bulk Download

Download multiple documents simultaneously for increased efficiency and convenience.

Set-up, Manage Roles, Departments, Employees and Groups

Customize and manage user roles, departments, employee accounts, and groups to maintain organizational structure and access controls.


Mobile App

Access and manage your documents on the go with our dedicated mobile application for increased flexibility and convenience.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon


Document Categorisation

Organise and categorise documents based on their type for easy retrieval and management.


Expiry Date and Document Reminder

Set expiry dates for documents and receive timely reminders to ensure compliance and timely actions.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Privy plans and pricing FAQs

What does the $30pm include?

All features, including unlimited sign/approve/review/OTP. See above for details.

Does everyone in the company need a licence?
Recommended for company officers/authorized signers.
What if someone only sends one document per month? Do they still need a licence?

Yes, if they want the document to stay in enterprise storage.

Can we transfer licences around the company?
Yes, admins have the capability to add/remove a license user.
What options do we have? (pre and post pay)

We offer both pre-pay and post-pay options, with greater discounts available for prepay.

What happens if we pre-pay but don't use as much as planned?
Rollover can be applied.
Are we tied into an agreement?
Yes, a standard user agreement applies.
What additional costs are there with Privy?
For the Business Suite, there’s no additional cost. For the API, if there is customization, Privy can calculate the required man-days for customization/development.

How you can use Privy

Two girls are discussing managing digital identification | Privy AU

Custom build with flexible, powerful APIs

We can help build your app and full digital ID workflows through configurable APIs, with a local support team to keep you up to date.

A man performing KYC verification online | Privy AU

Send more secure digital agreements for less

Create a verified business or personal account and start sending and signing verified agreements, for less.

Have more questions?

View our contact page, browse our knowledge base and FAQs or reach out to our dedicated team through the details below.

Contact Sales:

Phone: 02 7228 3542

Contact Support:

Phone: 02 7228 3291

Two girls are discussing Privy pricing | Privy AU Two girls are discussing Privy pricing | Privy AU