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Configurable API

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Create custom digital identity and electronic signature workflows using our configurable APIs.

Privy mobile app interface | Privy AU Privy mobile app interface | Privy AU

Let’s build your best digital identity workflows

Clunky digital identity workflows cause bad user experience, a higher user abandonment rate, and leave you open to security risks. We can help you improve end-to-end.


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Improve user experience and trust

We will help you improve UX to improve revenue, while meeting legal, security, and compliance requirements.

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Integrate with existing software

Seamlessly integrate our APIs with your own apps or third-party software, like ERPs, CRMs, and collaboration tools.

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More competitive bundled pricing

Flexibly combine elements from our API suite into a single custom workflow for a more competitive bundled price.

Our API suite

Our experienced team will help you flexibly and securely combine our APIs to create solutions with digital trust at the core – in a way that suits you.


Enhance UX by enabling customer registration directly from your platform, with customisable branding, so users don’t have to navigate away for login.


Liveness detection

Liveness detection prevents spoofing attacks by detecting whether facial biometrics are alive or being replicated.


Two-factor authentication (2FA)

OTP (One-time passcode) is a unique password that prevents identity theft by making sure that a password pair cannot be used for a second time.


Optical character recognition (OCR)

OCR converts images from passports and drivers' licenses into a machine-readable text to verify demographic information.


Digital signature

Our electronic signature is backed by a digital certificate to confirm authenticity with a full digital audit trail to meet compliance.


Identity verification (IDV)

Confirm the authenticity of a person’s claimed identity (eg. validating if their driving licence or passport is genuine.)


Face matching

Matching an image of a person's face to the image in their identity document using biometric technology.


Additional checks

Choose from over 400 additional checks for higher assurance, depending on your compliance needs and security goals.

Let’s build the best digital ID workflow together.

Meet all your industry process requirements seamlessly

Our API suite integrates with the best platforms across multiple industries and business functions. We can support sales, service, procurement, and marketing efforts in various industries, such as IT, finance and banking, insurance, procurement, healthcare, retail and more.


Identity verification sample flow

Privy Configurable API - IMG7
1. Register

Choose register to start registration

Privy Configurable API - IMG8
2. Security

Select your security settings to keep your account secure

Privy Configurable API - IMG9
3. Details

Type in your contact details for your phone or email

Privy Configurable API - IMG10
4. Code

Type in the correct OTP/2FA code when prompted

Privy Configurable API - IMG11
5. ID

Take a photo 
of your ID and confirm the details

Privy Configurable API - IMG12
6. Photo

Take a selfie with Liveness Detection for face verification

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We’re helping multiple functions inside an organisation make their organisational processes more efficient and secure, like HR, sales, legal, procurement, product management and IT. For businesses across multiple industries including FinTech, insurance, technology and software, construction, healthcare, and more.

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Ensure digital trust for your business, people, and across all agreements.

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Don’t want to custom build, but want to start sending verified agreements for less?

Two colleagues are checking user registration APIs on a laptop | Privy AU Two colleagues are checking user registration APIs on a laptop | Privy AU

Start creating the best digital identity flow in your industry

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